4 Factors To Consider When Hiring a Bodyguard

When it comes to security, employing a bodyguard to protect you, your property, or business is a smart move to make. Private security guards (or Close Protection Officers) have become a necessity these days against the threat of any criminal activity or hostility. 

Naturally, you’ll want to choose the right people for the job that fits in with your requirements, and there are a few considerations to take into account when looking into the qualities of a good bodyguard. 

So, here are some vital factors to consider when hiring a bodyguard. 

Trained and licensed bodyguards 

Hiring an experienced bodyguard is one of the first steps to take in ensuring that the personnel is adequately trained and well-equipped to deal  with any potential risks. Unlike amateur bodyguards, professional CPOs will be in possession of a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence as proof of their formal training and qualifications. 

Here at Vanquish Training Academy, we are an industry leading academy that provides the world’s first “Application Only” 21 Day Close Protection Training Course where we train candidates to provide a superior level of security to clients using intelligence acquisition methods, along with traditional security skills and procedures. 

Communication skills

Good communication skills are essential criteria for bodyguards as they are required to work individually and as part of a team, whether that be with members of staff or customers. You’ll want to be assured that they can handle and defuse any situation before it escalates as both an enforcer and defendor. Bodyguards who are always alert and aware of their environment, and are able to communicate both verbally and non-verbally in a clear, confident and professional manner are the best ones to hire. 

Technical skills 

One of the other factors to consider when hiring a bodyguard is how technically skilled they are. Of course, physical skill is important, but being technically savvy is just as useful. CPOs that are trained in utilising different types of technology such as surveillance devices, bug sweeping equipment, CCTV cameras and thermal imaging tech will be able to make daily security tasks and communication flow much more smoothly. 

A professional security company

Finally, businesses and high-profile individuals should opt for a reputable, reliable and accredited security services company that demonstrates the highest level of professionalism from their CPOs. 

Vanquish is a UK based security company who specialise in Close Protection and Residential Security for both private and corporate clients. Our bodyguards are SIA licensed and vetted, giving you peace of mind knowing that your premises and safety are in good hands. 

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