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Here at Vanquish Training Academy, we provide high-quality close protection, surveillance and SIA security training courses, coaching the best possible security operatives in the industry. 

Candidates from all over the UK receive superior security training from world-class instructors, who boast years of expertise in law enforcement, military and UK Special Forces to train delegates, using modern techniques and state of the art technology for an immersive scenario-based experience. 

From residential security and corporate security, to bodyguarding VIPs, executive chauffeuring and technical surveillance – all of our SIA security training and surveillance courses are designed to prepare individuals for the roles and responsibilities of a CPO, and to ensure that Vanquish delivers the highest level of service for our clientele.

Vanquish Training Academy is owned and governed by The Vanquish Group, a UK based company that owns security and training brands on four continents including:

Vanquish® Security Services
Vanquish® Investigation Services
The Security Academy
TSCM International®

and more.

To find out more information about who the Vanquish Group are, visit the link below.

21 Day vanquish close protection course

The World renowned 21 Day Vanquish Close Protection Training Course is considered one of the best civilian bodyguard courses that exist. It not only covers the basic minimum SIA Level 3 requirements to enable attendees to ascertain their SIA licence, but also includes Topographical Map Reading, The 5 Day Advance Surveillance, The 2 Day Bug Sweeping  and The Counter & Anti Surveillance Courses all written by Michael Chandler, The author of The Real Guide To Surveillance.

From this course, you will gain qualifications which enable you to apply for your SIA Close Protection Licence Private Investigator License (once issued by the SIA), a Diploma in Advanced Surveillance, Bug Sweeping (TSCM) and the a number of First Aid Qualifications.  

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