6-Course Attendees Become Ops Managers for Vanquish Security

In May this year Vanquish Security announced the taking on of six new Operations Managers as part of their new expansion plans. The newly appointed managers will be tasked with managing new clients ensuring that all of their requirements and needs are met. After an ‘all day meeting’ contracts were signed and the new managers […]

Our New Managing Director – Matthew Blythe

Earlier this month a new Managing Director was appointed for Vanquish® Training Academy. Mr Blythe, who has also adopted the title of ‘Course Leader’, will be in charge of all UK operations for the education wing of The Vanquish® Group. He will also succeed Michael Chandler as the main course instructor for all Britain-based courses […]

The TSCM Training Course & Book World Tour

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures AKA Bug Sweeping is a truly international service with potential clients and work opportunities across the globe. And now Owing to the success of the book Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (a book that has sold world wide), Vanquish Training Academy have decided to take the internationally acclaimed 3 day TSCM/ bug sweeping course […]