The benefits of conflict management training

Conflict can arise from anywhere as we all have our own interests, thoughts and opinions, especially in the workplace. Many organisations are now recognising the importance of conflict management training to prepare their employees on how to identify and deal with conflict effectively. 

These conflict resolution skills are set out to help employees overcome and prevent potential challenges from occurring, learn how to manage emotions, be proactive as individuals and part of a team, as well as encourage more positive outcomes from conflict when it comes to exchanging ideas and engaging with others. 

So, here are the benefits of conflict management training for your business’s success. 

Builds relationships between employees 

Conflict management training is great at strengthening building relationships among team members. Emotional awareness helps to maintain trust and genuine relationships in the workplace, allowing individuals to likely feel more appreciated even if they have differing ideas, which could lead to improvements in staff morale and performance. 

Effective workplace communication 

To follow, well-managed relationships make way for good communication and efficient decision making. Conflict management training promotes creative problem-solving and thinking, whereby people can take into consideration all possibilities to come to a definitive resolution that everyone agrees upon – reducing stress and tension between individuals in the process. 

Identify triggering behaviours 

Of course, identifying triggering behaviours signs of potential aggression or violence is key to stopping a situation escalating out of control. Physical warning signs of frustration or anger may include:

  • Huffing and puffing
  • Negative facial expressions – frowning, tightened lips etc.  
  • Raised voice
  • Body language – finger pointing, clenched fists, space invasion etc.
  • Threatening words – swearing
  • Argumentative tone 

When addressing unacceptable behaviour it is important to remain objective, whilst still being assertive to affirm your position. One skill in particular is actively listening to someone in understanding their frustrations to help calm them down and seek clarification. 

Diffusing techniques and strategies such as these will help you to move forward and manage risk in a calm and collected way. 

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