The importance of risk management

Close Protection Officers (CPOs) have a long list of daily duties to keep their clients safe, not only serving as a physical bodyguard, but also planning safe routes for transport, convoys and motorcades, checking for illicit devices and covert surveillance, and providing First Aid in an emergency.

A critical element in all of this is risk management. The CPO’s role is to reduce any threat to the client, and that starts with pre-emptive risk management ahead of any travel, appointments and public appearances.

To serve as a CPO in the UK, you will need a good understanding of risk management and how to reduce and eliminate threats proactively, with an attention to details that others might miss.

Qualifying as a CPO

Professional CPOs in the UK must qualify for a Security Industry Authority Close Protection Licence.

In order to earn this, you must display certain capabilities, such as:

  • Attention to detail
  • Highly alert at all times
  • Able to react quickly
  • Calm under pressure
  • Physically fit and reliable

Much of this feeds into your risk assessment capabilities, as you’ll need an eye for detail and the ability to react quickly, but sensibly, if your assessment uncovers a potential threat.

Learn risk management at Vanquish

At Vanquish Training Academy we have developed world-renowned courses that cover all of the essentials.

For example, our 21 Day Vanquish Close Protection Training Course goes well beyond the basic SIA Level 3 requirements to help you get your licence.

In addition, you’ll learn Technical Surveillance Countermeasures  (bug sweeping), map reading, advanced surveillance, and anti-surveillance, all on courses written for us by Michael Chandler.

We interview our candidates to make sure you are suitable, and we welcome applications from diverse backgrounds including emergency services, military, door security and anyone exploring the possibility of changing careers.

Why choose Vanquish?

We are proud of our world-renowned training courses and the level of detail that they go into, giving you so much more than just the bare minimums to qualify for your SIA licence.

In the real world, you never know what threats you and your client might encounter, but an aptitude for risk management as a routine part of the job gives you the best possible protection against unexpected events.

To find out more or to express your interest in being interviewed for one of our upcoming courses, please call our London office on 0203 086 7941 or 0161 667 1521 for our Manchester office, and we can help you to decide if a career in close protection is the best next step for you.

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